SPROUTS | eco-trade school of Austin

YEAR: 2017

LOCATION: Austin, Texas; United States

RECOGNITIONS: University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture Design Excellence Award


This school is conceived to respond and integrate with the character of the city of Austin, Texas.

As a city that seeks to be eco-friendly, it seemed suitable to propose a school whose trades were focused on the ecological. Sprouts is a vocational school where students are able to choose between three trades:

1. green systems: design and building of living walls, green roofs, irrigation systems, etc.

2. urban farming: cultivation and harvesting of vegetable species in urban environments.

3. eco-culinary: use of such mentioned species to create culinary experiences.

The design balances concepts of open and closed, private and transparent. the use of natural materials and the integration of vegetation across the space carry the idea and spirit of an institution that encourages its students to be in a total relationship with their natural surroundings as an educational experience.